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Gift Certificates
2006 Cellular Resonance Technology

The Latest Technology in Non-Surgical
Facelift and Cell Regeneration


For men and women who want a healthy,
relaxing alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Cellular Resonance Microcurrent Technology is becoming one of the most successful non-invasive procedures in today's future. Profecter is a cell regeneration system based on Nobel Prize winning findings that shows how the cell membrane has electricity. It builds new tissue, lifts sagging muscles and gives you younger looking skin that glows!
*Madonna is rumored to have one at home, as is Sharon Stone. Now the perfector is
  London's hottest beauty fix and is taking America by the storm.
PERFECTOR tunes into celluar signals to rebalance, regenerate and recharge both skin and facial muscles. It's biologically resonating functions include oxygenation, detoxification, and cell energy restoration. This triggers a chain of events leading into a natural face lift.
Discovered by a number of A-list celebrities it is now the hottest anti-aging treatment to hit the market. The wands use micro electromagnetic currents that lift up the skin and diminish lines, balances the skin PH, enhanses regulation of melanin, and battles bacteria that causes ance and rosicea.

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